Myles Garrett, Others Suspended After Last Night’s Game

Last night’s affair between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers, one of the most disrespectful and absolutely unacceptable brawls took place. It was at the end of the game, when the Browns had basically secured the win. Mason Rudolph, quarterback for the Steelers, was hit in the backfield after making a pass. It was then that Cleveland’s Myles Garrett ripped off Rudolph’s helmet, and then proceeded to strike Mason Rudolph. It was a great win for the Browns, and it gets them back on track this season by putting them at 4-6 on the year. Yet, nobody around the world has been talking about the game.

It was released last week that Myles Garrett will be suspended, at minimum, for the rest of the season and the playoffs should the Browns make it.

I couldn’t agree more with the suspension. It is an assault on a football field, and something that should never happen in a game. I had a conversation earlier today, and this person justified Garrett’s actions, arguing that Rudolph had been pushing Garrett and following him around throughout the game. That kind of stuff happens in all sports and at all levels. It even happens in high school sports; I, personally, have experienced being trash talked and pushed around. Yet never has it ever crossed my mind to assault and strike the opposing player. As a professional athlete with a lot of people watching you around the world, you have to carry yourself a lot better than this. It’s really disappointing to see someone with as much talent as Myles Garrett to commit this type of attack.

There have been a couple other suspensions, including Browns player Larry Ogunjobi. He came behind Mason Rudolph and threw him to the ground, after he had already been struck. Not to mention, one of his teammates had other Steeler players on top of him, but rather than helping his teammate out, he chose to shove a defenseless quarterback down to the ground. He has been suspended for a single game, and fined.

Another suspension was dealt to Maurkice Pouncey, who plays for the Steelers. He defended his quarterback, saying, “At this point, who cares? My man got hit in the head with a helmet. I’ll accept whatever penalty it is.”

Both teams have been fined $250,000, while more suspensions are still pending. Myles Garrett has since appealed his suspension, but I believe that there is no shot that he gets a lesser punishment. What he did is absolutely uncalled for, and there is no place for something like this in football.

The Browns and Steelers meet again in just 16 days in Pittsburgh.