Tips for Trick or Treating During a Pandemic


Jay Henson

Trick or treating during a pandemic will be different, but it can still be fun AND safe!

Halloween – the day every kid dresses up to go from door to door for candy. The old tradition is fun, but with the current state of the world, one might question how the holiday is even going to work out. After all, most of us want the treat more than the trick. Well, I did some research so you won’t have to. Let’s discuss all the ways to stay safe during the spooky celebration.

This one should be a given, but one very helpful thing to do is wear a mask! It’s understandable to question whether or not the mask will ruin your costume, but’s that’s where creativity comes into play. Try to make a custom mask! Have fun with it; make it themed after your costume. If you pass out candy, you should still wear one. It’s better to stay safe.

Speaking of people who pass out candy – if you are someone who plans to do so, try to avoid directly handing candy to the kids. Try handing it out outside and, if possible, give out individual bags of treats instead of having one big bowl for kids to grab the candy. This helps prevent kids from picking up the germs of previous trick-or-treaters, yet still gives you the joy of handing out treats.

To any trick-or-treaters – the CDC recommends that you bring hand sanitizer with you on your trip. Make sure your hand sanitizer has at least 60% alcohol, and use it after touching anything that someone else has touched before. This includes candy. After you get home, try to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before eating any candy you were given.

Make sure to check the Trick-or-Treating rules for your town this year. Most cities are sharing their guidelines on social media outlets. Stay at least 6 feet away from everyone, and of course, have a spooky Halloween!