Parents Beware the Tripping Jump Challenge


Jay Henson

Parents beware of this new, incredibly dangerous social media challenge.

There is a new trend on social media called the tripping jump challenge. Many kids all around the world have been trying this dangerous challenge. Another name for the challenge is the “skull bashing challenge.” Parents probably have no idea what this challenge is, but some have been learning quickly.

The challenge starts off by one person standing in the middle, and two others standing on opposite sides of the person. The people on the sides hold the friend in the middle’s hand, tell them to jump, then kick their knees causing them to fall flat on their back. If you did this on a trampoline or something similar, it probably wouldn’t be as dangerous. Unfortunately, if you do it on concrete, you will probably suffer from a head injury. Even if you do the challenge on a soft surface, it still poses a risk of head injuries such as concussions, skull fractures, a brain bleed, permanent brain damage, or even death.

 Journey Bonner told Channel 13 News that “What they did was mean, it was cruel and it was evil.” Bonner, age 10, had this horrible challenge happen to her. Bonner thought she was just creating a video with her friends until the “incident” happened. Her mother, T’Marla Bonner, had no idea, but when she heard about her daughter being hurt, she instantly wanted to know what happened. The principal of Berwick Alternative asked if she wanted to press charges, but T’Marla had no idea what she meant until she saw the video. T’Marla told Channel 13 News that, “When I saw the video, it just broke my heart.” It’s heartbreaking to hear that this has happened to many unrecognized kids that have been horribly injured.