Updates On the Playstation 5


Jason Lawson

Writer Jason Lawson’s Playstation 4.

Sony’s soon to be edition in the console industry is mysterious at the very least. We don’t even know the launch date to this obscure console. We can only guess that it will be released around Christmas because that’s when it would make the most revenue.

The leaked design could be fake but there’s no way of telling, this design is a box with a V shape on the top used for ventilation. This is somewhat likely because of the cooling that is crucial to the design of any console. There are other designs but they feel too similar to the previous edition.

One of the things they have confirmed is 8k resolution, for comparison most televisions have 4k or 1080p. It is expected to run at 60 frames per second, however 30 frames per second is the normal amount. It will have 12 gigabytes of ram with a memory of 2 terabytes. This is supposed to be the best console in gaming and it seems to be just that.