Apple Releases IOS 14

Recently, Apple came out with the new update, IOS 14. There has been a lot of attention on this update mainly because everyone is changing their app icons and backgrounds. Using the apps Shortcuts and Widgetsmith, homescreens have gotten a lot of attention. 

One of the most popular themes right now is a color coded theme. Using Widgetsmith, people separate their apps by colors on their home screen. Another way people are rearranging their home screens are by using Shortcuts by Apple. 

However, we have been able to do this to our home screens for many years. Lots of people have been doing this to the beginning of the Apple days. Why is it just now getting so popular? Social media. The first people to download IOS 14 showed off their home screens, and it was automatically assumed that this was an IOS 14 update. This is a huge example of being influenced by social media.

The big question everyone is asking themselves is, what is IOS 15 going to bring us?