Before Among Us, There Was Town of Salem

Town of Salem may be a bit outdated, but many of todays favorite games wouldnt be here without it.

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Town of Salem may be a bit outdated, but many of today’s favorite games wouldn’t be here without it.

Despite being nearly seven years old, Town of Salem is still one of the greatest games on the market today. Town of Salem continues to top the charts, win many awards, and bring in revenue. 


On December 14, 2014, BlankMediaGames released Town of Salem. Unfortunately, the game didn’t appear very successful after its initial release. The team didn’t have high hopes, and the game seemed to be nothing more than a flop. That is until a YouTuber by the username of Jacksepticeye posted a video playing Town of Salem with other well-known gamers, including Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and others. 


The game’s trajectory was uphill from there. The BlankMediaGames team looked to capitalize on the game’s success, and the game is no longer free to play. The game itself and most of the in-game content were free at its release. That changed when gameplay was moved to the PC gaming store Steam and became pay-to-play. Players now have to pay $4.99 to play the game, although it is free if you make a mobile account on the cell phone app. Some gamers may still have the premium version of the game if they played before it became pay-to-play.


Town of Salem paved the way for the current viral gaming sensation, Among Us. The gameplay in Among Us follows the same overall concept as Town Of Salem – players must work together to discover who is playing against the team. In Town of Salem, you’re trying to find players on the opposite team – if a player is randomly assigned to the mafia, you must discover who is on the side of the townspeople and vice versa. Among Us has way fewer player roles, with just two categories – the crewmates are trying to figure out who is the impostor sabotaging the rest of them. There are fewer roles that players can be assigned to in Among Us, and players have the freedom to move about the map and complete tasks.


Town of Salem may be an old game, but it is still very good. Once they released the pay-to-play, it was all downhill. But Town of Salem still holds its own as a classic and entertaining game. More than that, Town Of Salem  paved the way for the most popular games of today, including Murder Mystery, Among Us, and more. The legacy of Town of Salem reaches far beyond just this standalone game.

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