Life of Dorothy Kamenshek

Dorothy Kamenshek was born on December 21,1925. She died May 17,2010 at 84 years old from natural causes. When she was growing up she played ball, she was put in the outfield. Later in life, she became a great first baseman and a solid hitter.

She played in the All-American women’s baseball league for 10 years as a member of the Rockford Peaches. The 10 years that she played were between 1943-1953. 1953 was the last year she played, after that she decided to retire. She batted and threw left-handed and was a great player. She put her heart and soul into every game. 


In all her years she won nationals in 1940, 41, and 42. In her career, she hit 1,090 base hits and almost every year she was an All-Star for the league. The Major League called her the finest fielding first baseman in all men and women.