Thanksgiving: A Brief History


Jay Henson

We celebrate Thanksgiving every year, but how many people actually know why we celebrate this holiday?

Holidays are typically known for their modern traits, for example, Halloween is best known for dressing up and trick-or-treating. We rarely think of the history behind these holidays, but I’m here to explore that.

Firstly, Thanksgiving! The day of the feast.

Thanksgiving, the day where we eat a ton of food for fun. Although definitely one of those less popular holidays, Thanksgiving is still a loved one. Celebrated by most of America and other countries as well, you could call Thanksgiving a main holiday.

Now over 400 years old, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in The New World in the year 1621. It was attended by pilgrims and Native Americans, it’s purpose was to thank God for a good harvest and the end of drought.

In specifics, It was attended by 90 Native Americans and 53 pilgrims. It lasted for an entire 3 days although modern Thanksgiving has been compressed into a singular day.

Though Thanksgiving has a short history, I hope you still found some interest in the story! Happy Thanksgiving.