Just for Fun: Thanskgiving Surveys

We polled dozens of CJHS and CHS students on some of the hottest Thanksgiving topics. Here’s a summary of the results:

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?
Top answers were banana pudding and pumpkin pie.

What food do you like to make?
Most people said that they prefer to bake desserts.

Do you eat breakfast on this day?
The most popular answer was no, with people choosing to save as much room as possible for their Thanksgiving meal.

Macaroni or green beans?
Almost everyone chose macaroni.

Do you go all out or pace yourself?
87% of people said that they go all out.

What’s your favorite thing about this day?
Most people said the food; the next most popular answer was spending time with family.

What’s your least favorite Thanksgiving food?
The top answer was stuffing.

Do you eat turkey or ham?
It was half and half, and some eat both.

Do you wake up early?
Almost everyone said they sleep in, hibernating before the big meal.

Can the different foods touch?
A big percent of people said yes it don’t bother them, but some people said absolutely not.


However you choose to spend Thanksgiving, we hope that you have the best holiday ever!