Tropical Thursdays with Mr. Parr (v.02)

Now that’s what I call tropical!


Jenessa Sturgeon

On this Tropical Thursday, Mr. Parr is sporting a deep red shirt with a heavy dose of palms.

Tropical Thursdays is a mini-series in which we ask our high school history teacher, Mr. Parr, a fun question and take a photograph of him wearing his Tropical Thursday shirt.

Question: When did you start watching The Golden Girls?

Mr. Parr: *crosses legs with hands folded on top of knees* “That’s a great question. I started watching The Golden Girls when I was seven years old, anytime I missed or skipped school, instead of watching Wheel of Fortune or Price is Right. Betty White is the bees knees to the cats pajamas #wiggidy-e-whack my bro.”