Halloween: A Brief History


Jay Henson

A short tale of how the spookiest holiday came to be.

Halloween is a holiday that occurs only once a year, on the 31st of October. Halloween is always celebrated on October 31st because long ago, the Celtici festival of Samhain was celebrated on October 31st. The Samhain festival is a festival marking the end of fall and the beginning of winter. Some people call it the “sauin” which is a manx language .

A group of people who that lived 2,000 years ago, called “Celts,” believed that the dead came back to earth the night of Samhain. So when they celebrated Samhain, they made costumes to keep away phantom visitors. They made food to leave out to placate any unwelcome spirits. Then, when the night came, they would make bonfires and pay their respect to the dead.

In later centuries, people began to dress up as ghosts, demons, and other creatures, so they could exchange food and drinks. Then, this was called “mumming.” This is thought to be antecedent of Trick-or-Treating.

Today’s Halloween celebrations are similar to the Samhain festival, but instead kids go around from house to house asking for candy by saying “trick-or-treat”.


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