Top 10 .io Games

Rafe Garrett

A few of the many .io games for mobile phones.

.io games have taken the world by storm, with countless games on the App Store charts. You have probably heard of at least one .io game, such as,, and

.io is the Internet country code domain assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory. This domain is administered by the Internet Computer Bureau, a company based in the U.K. It’s unclear why so many games now use this in their name. Some people believe that “.io” is used so much because it’s the quickest and easiest domain to register. However, “.io” also stands for input/output, so it may have been chosen to reflect the type of game. It also takes a boring App name and makes it more fun and memorable. For example, many people say read “” as “agar-ee-oh” instead of actually saying “agar-dot-eye-oh.”

.IO has been around since 1997, but didn’t really become popular until, came out in 2015. These .io games should be stopped, they are taking over our viral universe!

I used to play .IO all of the time. I played,,, and so on and so forth. WHAT WAS I THINKING!? I don’t know why, but I really, really liked them. Other people at the time did too. I’ll also be doing a top 10 .IO games at the end.

Well, this is the end. So, here we go! TOP 10 BEST .IO GAMES.

10. A survival game like Fortnite.

9. Another survival game – you are a fish and you eat other people to evolve.

8. In this game, you collect swords and either attack others or defend yourself.

7. A game just like Flappy Bird.

6. You must conquer as much land as possible.

5. Another battle royale survival game like, but this one is more popular.

4. Just a normal survival game like Minecraft, but you are playing against other people.

3. 2 Collect as much land as you can in this never-ending survival game.

2. A popular shooter game with many hackers.

Now it is the time to reveal the number one .io game. And the most popular .io is.. and sharing the number 1 spot. In is similar to the classic game “Snake” – you a snake and you eat other snakes to become bigger. In, you play as a shape trying to eliminate other shapes and you can spend points to upgrade your profile.


Honorable Mentions: