Top 10 Annoying Problems


Jason Lawson

A empty pack of triple-a batteries.

10. Hangnails. So you notice you have a hangnail. You know you shouldn’t pull it, but you pull it – and then it hurts. This is annoying, but really not that big of a problem – stick a band-aid on it and let it heal.

9. Dead phone battery. You’re right in the middle of watching your favorite YouTuber… and your phone dies. Super annoying, but easily fixed – unless you can’t find your charger.

8. Your drink gets stuck. You’re thirsty, so you stick some money in a vending machine to get a drink – but it gets stuck in the machine so you can’t get it. This one is bad, but not that bad – hopefully you have another $2 to stick in a machine and then you have two drinks.

7. Being judged. Self explanatory, not that bad but annoying and not necessary.

6. Stubbing your toe. So you’re walking through your kitchen and bam, stubbed your toe. It’s definitely an inconvenience, but not that bad. It’ll hurt for a few minutes, but goes away fairly quickly.

5. Walking in a room and forgetting why you’re there. This one is also self explanatory and very, very annoying.

4. Stepping on gum. So you’re walking along, probably with your nose in your phone, and then you step on gum. It is very frustrating. What should you do? Clean your shoes and deal with a total stranger’s germs? Throw your shoes away and just buy new ones?

3. Running out of triple-A batteries. You’re watching television and the battery in the remote is dead. It needs triple-A batteries, so you look for them and, of course, you only have double-A. This one is really bad. Now you have a choice to make – run to the store and get more batteries, or physically get up and change the channel or volume. Both are annoying options.

2. Empty fridge. You’re in the middle of an all-night video game marathon, and you get hungry. So you check the fridge… and its empty. Or at least, there’s nothing good in there. It’s very upsetting.

1. Being bored. Being bored is the worst; no one likes it.