UCLA Softball Overview

UCLA looks to build off a solid season last year.

UCLA, located in Los Angeles, California, has always been known for having amazing athletics, and having good looking jerseys. A sport that stands out amid them all is Bruins Softball. They’ve always had a pretty good softball team, and have really good standings so far, being 25-1. 

First, let’s meet the team. #00 Rachael Garcia, infielder and pitches for the Bruins. #3 Briana Perez, infielder. #4 Holly Azevedo, another pitcher for the Bruins. #5 Julie Rodriguez, outfielder for the Bruins. #7 Maya Brady, infielder. #8 Megan Faraimo, pitcher. #10 Malia Quarles, infielder. #11 Seneca Curo, infielder. #12 Lexi Sosa, pitcher. #14 Kelli Godin, outfielder. #18 Sara Rusconi Vicinanza, catcher and infielder. #19 Alyssa Garcia, catcher and infielder. #20 Anna Vines, infielder. #23 Aaliyah Jordan, outfielder. #24 Taylor Sullivan, catcher and infielder. #27 Jaqui Prober, outfielder. #32 Alana Snow, utility. #33 Taylor Edwards, utility. #37 Kinsley Washington, utility. #43 Jenavee Peres, utility. #48, Bubba Nickles, utility. #97 Delanie Wisz, utility. Head Coach- Kelly Perez. Assistant Coach- Lisa Fernandez. Kirk Walker- Assistant Coach. 

The Bruins have been said to have one of the best teams so far this year, and are hoping to live up to that title. Last year, they had a very good season, but they’re looking to have an even better one this year. The Bruins coaches, fans, and players are all looking forward to seeing how the season comes out!