Class of 2022 Senior Superlatives


Danny Bolin Photography

Cannelton High School’s Class of 2022 at their senior prom.

Most Likely to be President – Jenessa, Jhett

Most Likely to Win Nobel Prize – Destiny, Gavin M.

Most Likely to Succeed – Destiny, Jhett

Most Likely to be a Millionaire – Jenessa, Jhett

Most Likely to be Famous – Emily, Jhett

Most Likely to be Instagram Famous – Emily, Jhett

Most Likely to be on a Reality Television Show – Katrina, Jhett

Most Likely to Survive The Hunger Games – Brinna, Jackson

Least Likely to Survive The Hunger Games – Maggie, Dylan

Most Likely to be Your Boss – Destiny, Trent

Most Likely to Trip at Graduation – Maggie, Colby

Most Likely to be Late to Graduation – Caitlyn, Trent

Best Comebacks – Brinna, Austin

Most Likely to Quietly Take Over the World – Destiny, Gavin M.

Best Person to Share a Deserted Island With – Emily, Jackson

Class Leader – Jenessa, Jhett

Most School Spirit – Jenessa, Jhett

Most Athletic – Emily, Jhett

Most Artistic – Ilana, Dylan

Best Singer – Caitlyn, Nick

Life of the Party – Emily, Jackson, Jhett

Best Gamer – Destiny, Austin, Trent

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day – Caitlyn, Emily, Colby, Nick

Class Clown – Caitlyn, Jackson

Best Bromance – Jhett and Jackson

Best Womance – Caitlyn and Emily

Most Outspoken – Jenessa, Trent

Best Manners – Destiny, Nick

Most Talkative – Jenessa, Austin

Best Positive Attitude – Emily, Nick

Friends with Everyone – Emily, Jhett, Nick

Most Organized – Emily, Nick

Most Responsible – Destiny, Nick

Biggest Change Since Elementary School – Maggie, Gavin W.

Worst Case of Senioritis – Jenessa, Trent

Last Person You’d Want to Ride in a Car With – Maggie, Austin

Most Creative – Brinna, Jackson

Best Social Media Content – Emily, Jhett

Best Car – Brinna, Austin

Best Hair – Emily, Jhett

Prettiest Eyes – Emily, Jhett

Best Dressed – Destiny, Jhett

Best Smile – Destiny, Jhett

Best Laugh – Caitlyn, Dylan

Best Personality – Emily, Destiny, Jhett, Gavin W.

Best Sense of Humor – Brinna, Jackson