Standardized Testing is Stressful

Almost all schools in the United States make it mandatory for children to take standardized tests that are extremely stressful and overwhelming. These testing periods make students dread going to school. While kids are growing up, from Preschool to Seniors in high school, every kid takes about 112 standardized tests. So when testing time comes around every year, students get the worst feeling. They feel that they have to do well, so they don’t get in trouble at school or home.

In the state of Indiana, every child has to take standardized tests. In 2001, Indiana passed a law called the “No Child Left Behind” Act, saying that all students should pass every standardized test in all subjects. They say that every student should pass the test because they have been taught all of the basic skills.

Taking standardized tests can be very overwhelming. Students have a certain amount of time for these tests that are often really long. They get very stressed and scared when their teacher warns them about how much time they have left. This makes them think they are not going to get done in time, making them rush and try to get as much done as possible. When people rush, they don’t take as much time reading the questions and answering them, causing them not to do as well as before the stress that comes with the warning.

Taking standardized tests is incredibly nerve-racking because when students are stuck on a question, what do they do? They can not ask their teacher for help. That would be considered cheating. But when in life are we really left alone to deal with things? We have the world at our fingertips every day. Instead of relying on their available resources, they have to use what they have learned over the years in school and work it out themselves. They do not know if they’re doing it right, so they just take an educated guess. Then they look at it again and have no idea what they are doing because they do not know what to do or how to do it. When students take tests, they can not talk, so they can not ask anyone for help. They are stuck on their own, worrying about how good or bad their scores will be because they do not know what to do.

Those in favor of standardized tests argue that some students’ test scores reflect what they know, but this is simply not true for all students. Cannelton High School Principal Michael Snyder says, “For students who typically perform well in the classroom in normal circumstances, if they’re successful with that, then yes.”

Principal Snyder also discussed the test being online now, and if you are not familiar with using a computer, then taking the test might be a little more complicated for you. Your scores might not accurately reflect your knowledge because of technical difficulties.

Most people know what it’s like to take any type of test and get overwhelmed. So for kids to take tests every year that reflect on them and what they know is very stressful and overwhelming.

Standardized testing is extremely overwhelming, and there should be an alternative for taking these tests.