Seventh Grade Lady Bulldogs Defeat Hornets Again

Monday, January 27, our 7th grade Lady Bulldogs played against the Hancock County Hornets at home. The girls worked together well; communication was a strong point. The Lady Bulldogs ended up winning the game 20 to 8.

Kylie Anastasiades came in scoring the most points with 14 total. Makayla Hulse, Chloe Hale, and Ayla Snyder each scored 2 points.

As a team we worked together very well. Coach Mike added, “We played good defense.”

Coach Mike also thinks we won the game because, “We didn’t commit very many turnovers. Our 2-3 worked well against whatever they were playing.”

This was the junior high Lady Bulldogs’ last game for the 2019-2020 season. We are all so proud of how well they represented our school this year!



Bria Garrett
5th grader Ayla Snyder playing defense.
Bria Garrett
Some of our girls getting ready to attempt and get the rebound.