8th Grade Boys Bested by Evansville Racers


Bria Garrett

Coach Snyder draws up a game plan for his 8th grade boys team. November 7, 2019.

On Thursday, November 7, our junior high boys traveled to Evansville to play against the Evansville Racers. Our 8th grade boys team is a great team to watch. You can really see their sportsmanship, and there is never a moment where they aren’t working together. Personally, I think they have a good season ahead of them. However, they were unable to take home the win against the Racers and lost 30-19.

Trevor Hale lead the team in scoring that night with 6 points. Right behind him was 8th grader Khalill Little, who scored a total of 5 points. Their 6th grade teammates added another 6 points – Caleb Hulse added 4 points and Gage Garrett added 2 points.

Our junior high boys basketball teams don’t play again until Wednesday, December 4th, when they travel with our girls basketball team to Cloverport to take on the Aces again.