Cannelton Bulldogs Varsity Volleyball Preview

A look at Cannelton High School’s 2019-2020 Varsity and JV volleyball teams.


Bria Garrett

Cannelton High School Varsity & JV volleyball teams 2019-2020

Coach Alli Garrett has been the volleyball coach for three years. She hopes to win the conference tourney and use that momentum to carry the team through and bring home a sectional win. Coach Garrett says that team struggles because of the overall lack of height among the players, but, fortunately, the team powers through this and any other struggles they face in games. No matter if they are losing, winning, or are neck and neck, the girls are always playing hard. Coach Garrett says that she is “excited about where the team is at now, and to see where the new lineup takes the team moving forward.” She is most looking forward to the Southern Roads Conference tourney, hosted at Dugger Union High School this year, where she hopes to bring home Cannelton’s first volleyball conference championship.

Returning seniors are Kendra Anastasiades, Megan Powers, and Tory Thomas. Returning juniors are Lori Northern, Mariah Rainbolt, Taryn Powers, and Sara Crafton. This year’s sophomore athletes are Maggie Dawson, Brinna Parker, Caitlin Chesterfield, Emily Eigel, and Jenessa Sturgeon. Freshman newcomers are Kendall Hale and Kameah Warren.

At publication, the team has played games against Perry Central, Lanesville, Christian Academy of Madison, Dugger Union, Hancock County, and Orleans. The team won their conference matchup against Christian Academy of Madison, but has not won any other games yet. Strengths for this year’s team include serving accuracy and passing. The girls would like to improve on their coverage, hitting approach, and communication. Hopefully with improvement in these areas, the team will continue to win games and achieve success at the conference tourney.