Cannelton City Schools Fundraiser Live Updates

Last Update: June 1, 2020


Makayla Reed

Cannelton High School

Here is a list of the fundraisers that were started before Spring Break. Cannelton City Schools, of course, had no idea that when we left for Spring Break, it would actually be our last day of the 2019-2020 school year!

We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this time. There were a lot of unforeseen delays due to covid-19. We did not feel comfortable asking our students to deliver fundraiser items while the state/country was under a stay-at-home order. Also, many of the businesses that we are partnering with for these fundraisers had delays and even complete shutdowns due to covid-19. We have done, and will continue to do, everything that we can to get everyone their items as quickly as possible while still keeping our students, staff, and community safe and healthy.

If you have any questions about a fundraiser, please contact us. You can call the school at 812-547-3296 or send a private message to the Cannelton City Schools Facebook page.

We will keep this list updated as new updates arrive.


Iron Gate Pizza Fundraiser (Seniors/Class of 2020)

All pizzas are ready for pickup at Iron Gate. Pizzas can be picked up on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during regular business hours (4:00-8:00pm). Fundraiser pizzas can NOT be picked up on any other day besides Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
When you arrive at Iron Gate, call the restaurant at 812-547-3718 and give them your name. To keep with social distancing guidelines, an Iron Gate worker will bring your pizzas to your car.


Southern Roads Conference back to back tournament champions shirts (Athletic Department)

All shirts are ready and being delivered now.

We do have one shirt order with 5 shirts that does not have a name. If you believe that this is your order, please send a private message to the Cannelton City Schools Facebook page.


Cannelton Baseball hoodies (Athletic Department)

All hoodies have been delivered.


Texas Roadhouse rolls and butter (Varsity Softball)

Orders have been delivered.


Cannelton Bulldogs tumblers, flags, blankets (Varsity Softball)

There were major delays in the production of the blankets due to covid-19. These are expected to ship in the next 1-2 weeks, but more delays are possible. As soon as blankets are in, all three of the fundraiser items will start delivery.


Annual Celebrity Dinner (CHS After Prom)

The event has unfortunately been cancelled due to covid-19. It would be too difficult to still host the event while adhering to social distancing guidelines and keeping everyone safe and healthy. We are looking forward to our 2021 celebrity dinner!


Little Debbie Snacks (CHS After Prom)

Fundraiser was cancelled, no orders were placed, any paid orders have been refunded.