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Cannelton High School Class of 2023 Senior Kameah Warren. Photo by Omar Lozano.

Cannelton High School Class of 2023 Senior Kameah Warren. Photo by Omar Lozano.

Senior Spotlight: Kameah Warren

“As you grow you lose certain homies, it’s called closing the gap.” - Snoop Dogg

Cannelton High School Class of 2023 Senior Kameah Warren. Photo by Omar Lozano.

Your Name: Kameah Marie Warren

Birthday: March 24

Clubs and Activities: Volleyball two years, Pep Club two years

Future Plans: join the workforce

Most Memorable Moment: when Kyla Wilkerson moved to our school Meeting my friends

What will you miss most after graduating? my friends

Job: Casey’s in Dale

Hobbies: hanging out with my e

Favorite Food: chicken alfredo

Favorite Restaurant: Shoguns

Favorite Color: sage green

Dream Car: Toyota ‘86

Dream Vacation: Jamaica

Favorite Clothing: hoodie

Favorite Song: “Sweet Little Lies” – Rod Wave

Favorite Musical Artist/Group: Rod Wave

Favorite TV Show: That 70’s Show

Favorite Movie: Flushed Away

Favorite Actor: William Macy

Favorite Actress: Zendaya

Favorite Fictional Character/Cartoon: Rick and Morty

Favorite Sport: basketball

Favorite Sports Team: Lousiville

Favorite Thing to Do: hang out with my siblings

Favorite Place to Go: Easy Street

Favorite Amusement Park: Cedar Point

Favorite Holiday: my birthday

Favorite Subject: English

Favorite High School Teacher: Mrs. Hinton

Favorite Elementary Teacher: Mrs. Garrett

Favorite Place to go After School: to bed

Favorite Place to Eat Lunch: Mexican

Favorite Thing to Watch on Netflix: Shameless

Favorite Thing to Watch on Hulu: Rick and Morty

Dream Job: marry rich

Favorite Childhood Memory: running around the sand bar with a homemade touch with Jaedyn and her siblings

Favorite Elementary Memory: when my little brother was born

Favorite Middle School Memory: reconnecting with Jaedyn and Carolyne

Favorite High School Memory: summer going into my junior year meeting my friends from hh

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? traveling the world

What will you miss most about CHS? Mrs. Harris

Advice for underclassmen? having fun is worth the trouble

A message for your parents/guardians, family, friends, teachers, anyone important: lol

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