It all began on a nice, beautiful, sunny spring day, where every single thing was perfect. On this magical day, two lovely fruit creatures met and fell in a powerful deep love.

Raz was a raspberry which was a very different kind of girl. She is a very joyful and loyal type of girl, and she had never felt love before this day. Raz has a very soft heart and she wouldn’t hurt anything that had got in her way. She wouldn’t even hurt a piece of sugar that had covered her like a sheet of paper. Raz always was attracted to blueberries for some reason but she never knew why. And there was this one certain blueberry she was most attracted to. He was not all great though because he had really bad anger issues.

His name is Blaz. He had dated literally over millions of other fruits but Blaz thought he finally found the one he wanted to be with. Even though Blaz has been with so many others and used them all for things he definitely shouldn’t have. He didn’t want to do that to Raz. She was very special and different.

Raz and Blaz finally met after not really knowing each other. But in seconds of just looking at her, Blaz could just tell he finally found the one. If they were even seconds apart it makes seconds feel like hours to them. They fell in love at first sight like no one else compared to each other.

Then the next day came feeling like decades had happened.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! OMG BLAZ. Is that really you? Raz asked.

“YESSSSS! Raz I missed you more than anything.” Blaz yelled.

“Raz, come give me that big O juicy hug I know you’re fantastic at giving…”

“Umm. Raz I don’t feel very great right now…”

“OMGGG NO!” Raz jurassically yelled.

“I feel like death is coming, I just don’t feel like myself,” Raz replied.

“I guess this is going to be our goodbyes,” remarked Blaz.

“No I’m right here for you no matter what!” replied Raz with tears in her eyes knowing Blaz has to tell her something but she just loves him so much and can’t leave him no matter what he has done.

“OKAY RAZZ I’m so sorry I… ummmm cheated… PLEASEEE don’t leave me, you’re my everything! I messed up! I need you! I want to be with you throughout my whole entire life. I need you right now,” Blaz vocally screamed and whined, not knowing if he’s going to lose the person he loved because he made a huge mistake.

“UMMM Blaz I’m upset, yes. But I’m not leaving you! I can’t lose you, especially if you don’t know if you’ll still be here?”

After a few more minutes of crying and screaming, not knowing what to do. Blaz was definitely feeling worse. It was moments before each other said their goodbyes, the pain and regret in their eyes were like an angry herd of cattle. Raz and Blaz couldn’t stand the pain of saying goodbye to one another but they knew strongly they had to.

“Razzz, call 311. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to take this!”

“Hello, this is 311 what’s the emergency?”

“OHHH, yesss my honey bunny is in pain, he doesn’t know how much time he has left. PLEASE don’t let him dieeee!” Raz cried.

“OKAY! Our fruit team can do that. We’re always three numbers away, we got you!”

After five long minutes of almost dying the CherryCrest finally showed up rushing into the house, sirens louder than usual. Raz rushed to the squeaky worn-out fridge door. Opening the door faster than a door should open.

“OH NO, I don’t think he’s alive. NOOOOOO!” Raz shouted out.

Team crew the CherryCrest shouted,“ Everything is going to be okay, we promised he’s not dead!”


Raz was sitting patiently in the waiting room trying not to start freaking out. She had no idea what was going on, and sweat was dripping off every inch of her body. She was dreaming or even fantasizing about everything to stop and go back to the beautiful perfect life they had before this tragic day.

“Hey, miss, ummm, are you Raz?” nervously asked the doctor.


“I’m sorry but he’s in a deep coma right now… he’s probably won’t make it out alive..”


Raz started to puke up her insides; she couldn’t take the pain and realization of what life would be without Blaz. They rushed her to a room to get her checked out, something wasn’t right with her. They took blood and a drug test to figure out what’s happening.

“UMMM miss,” stuttered the doctor.

“Yes?” nervously said Raz.

“You’re pregnant!” replied the doctor.

Raz was speechless; she had no words whatsoever. She was thinking she can’t take this baby on without him, it’ll be impossible.

A few days had passed and Raz got a call to check up on her and how she was doing. After a few cries, he told her the good news.

“He’s awake,” happily stated the doctor.

Before the doctor could finish any more words, the phone had gone silent. Before any time had gone by she appeared at the CherryCrest Hospital, and started screaming, “Where is my boy! I need to see him nowwww!”

“Hi, yes, he’s right back here, miss.”

“OMG, Blaz I’ve missed you! I can’t ever feel like it is ever again, I need you, I have to tell you something… I’m PREGNANT!”

“WAIT, what really! I’m so ecstatic! I’m so sorry that I cheated! Almost dying honestly killed me realizing how much you mean to me. Now, let’s go home my love, and enjoy life together with no one else, just you and our baby forever and always.”

From this day on they lived a happy and healthy life with their beautiful baby girl Bluey. They’ve both learned a very good lesson. Always love the ones that mean the world to you. You never know what’s going to happen, so cherish every moment and live the best no matter how rough times get always be there for the ones you love.