Current Top Ten Baby Names


Bria Garrett

Baby name trends may come and go, but the top ten names don’t see a lot of change from year to year.


  • Olivia: This is a Greek name with the meaning of an olive tree.
  • Emma: This name is German, meaning whole or universal.
  • Amelia: A latin name, with the meaning of striving or work.
  • Ava: Comes from German and means avis, bird or birdlike.
  • Sophia: Is a Greek name meaning wisdom. 



  • Liam: It is an Irish name that means helmet of will.
  • Noah:  This name is Hebrew that means rest or comfort.
  • Oliver: This is a Latin name that means olivarius or known as an olive tree. 
  • Elijah: It is a Hebrew name meaning Yahweh is God.
  • Lucas: It’s a Irish name like Luke or Lucius that means light-saving, bringer of light, or illumination.