Slideshow: How One Local Business Has Adapted During the Pandemic


Gavin Melton

After offering curbside pickup only for over a year, Iron Gate Pizza is finally opening its doors again.

Award winning restaurant Iron Gate Pizza is a local favorite. Owners Bill and Judy Garrett have worked tirelessly to effectively run their business while keeping their staff and customers safe. Iron Gate plans to reopen for dine-in in the near future.


This sign greets customers, reminding them that Iron Gate is currently only serving curbside. Though most other local restaurants have opened up with social distancing guidelines and at partial capacity, Iron Gate has remained curbside only throughout the pandemic so far. (Gavin Melton)
Though many things have changed at Iron Gate, many things have remained the same – including quality service, friendly staff, and delicious food. (Gavin Melton)
Kitchen Manager Bryce Garrett carefully removes a pizza from the oven. All Iron Gate staff members wear masks and other protective equipment to keep themselves and their customers safe. (Gavin Melton)
Waitress Lora Melton takes a customer’s order. Though the inside of the building remains empty, Iron Gate has received an outpouring of support from the community. Customers have continued to order for curbside pickup, which has allowed Iron Gate to avoid the same devastating fate that many other small businesses have met due to the pandemic. (Gavin Melton)
Fry cook Jessie Applegate preparing fries for a guest. Masks are mandatory for all Iron Gate staff members. Sunglasses and witty sweatshirts are optional but welcomed. (Gavin Melton)
Waitress Lora Melton serving an order to a guest. Iron Gate is currently sill closed for dine-in, but open for curbside pickup. They have plans to reopen at partial capacity and following current guidelines soon. (Gavin Melton)
Waitress Lora Melton greets Iron Gate customers with a smile behind her mask. (Gavin Melton)
A variety of masks to protect our workers while we work with guests. Iron Gate has a large supply of personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies to keep staff and customers safe. Iron Gate owners Bill and Judy Garrett have worked tirelessly to take care of their staff and customers. They have been hesitant to reopen for dine-in service because they want to feel completely confident that they can keep everyone as safe as possible. (Gavin Melton)
Empty seats and tables that were once filled with people laughing and talking until the pandemic hit. Iron Gate has used this time to deep clean multiple times as well as make many interior improvements. New flooring, new bathrooms, and a completely redesigned party room is waiting for customers when they return. (Gavin Melton)
Kitchen Manager Bryce Garrett taking a drink of water after a long rush. Iron Gate has been fortunate enough to sustain their business through the pandemic so far, thanks to their incredible customer base. They are looking forward to opening their doors to their customers again very soon. (Gavin Melton)