Jay Henson

Treat-or-Trick! Original graphic design artwork by Jay Henson.

Picking up a piece of candy from the Halloween themed bowl, I let out a sigh. In all honesty, Halloween seems to get less popular each year. Maybe it’s just my neighborhood but kids never seem to come and passing out candy feels like a waste of time. I unwrapped the candy, finding a small blue gummy underneath. I popped it into my mouth. It had a strange berry flavor but nothing too odd, just cheap candy. Suddenly, a little boy in the outfit of a doctor ran up to me, happily exclaiming “Trick-or-Treat!”
I smiled, grabbing a big handful of candy and dropping it into the pumpkin-shaped bowl he brought along with him. The boy’s smile lit up and he said a quick thank you before running back to his parents. I smiled, what a cute kid. I stretched my arms out, yawning as I repositioned myself to be more comfortable. I was a bit tired, but Halloween wasn’t even near over so I rubbed my eyes in an attempt to wake myself up more.

It’s a largely popular trend to dress up as monsters, almost every child goes as one. Despite them all going as similar things, you can always see differences in each costume. It’s one of my favorite parts of the holiday, seeing all the creativity come to light. A group of kids noticed me sitting on the creaky rocking chair on my porch and ran towards my house. “Trick-or-Treat!” The young girl said, dressed up as a bride. The two other kids, appearing to be brothers, held up their Halloween buckets in expectance. I grabbed a handful of the sugary treats and dropped them into the buckets one by one. I watched the kids skip off to the next house, happily expecting more.

Kids, greedy little things. Adorable but still greedy. I smiled, “Just let them have that.” I muttered to myself. Most kids grow out of expectation and greed on their own, no point in judging. A young boy dressed as a gangster came running up to me, a huge smile on his face. “Trick-or-Treat!” he said, still smiling. I laughed, “Hey you, where’s your dad?” The boy threw his arms up to hold up his bucket, only for his arm to fall off and hit my porch with a splat. We both looked own in surprise before bursting into laughter. His dad, Frankenstein, walked up with a sigh, “How many times have I told you to let me redo your stitches before we leave?” He asked.

Frankenstein looked over at me, “Hey Drac, Happy Halloween,” He said cheerfully. I looked at him as I grabbed my candy bowl. “Happy Halloween Frank.” I yawned, I hate being up at this hour. Frank chuckled, “Not a day person, are ya?” I glanced at my watch, realizing it’s only 6 pm. I shook my head. “I’m definitely not a day person, my allergy has been killing me. I’m not supposed to be in the sun.” I mentioned as I grabbed a handful of candy and put it into the young boy’s Halloween bucket. I looked down the street that was full of monsters of all kinds, each dressed as a different type of human. I leaned back in my chair, knowing that this Halloween was going to be a long night.