Just for Fun: Halloween Surveys

We surveyed our junior high students to find answers for some of Halloween’s most important questions.


Kendra Anastasiades

CHS students Kylie, Bria, and Makayla trick-or-treating. October 31, 2019.

Kylie Anastasiades, Writer

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

“Getting candy.” – Sheila
“My favorite thing about Halloween is definitely getting dressed up!” – Jay
“I like that children get to dress up as whatever they want.” – Keira
“Being able to see all of the costumes.” – Caleb
“You get candy and get to wear a costume.” – Brianna
“The candy and being able to dress up and nobody can make fun of you for the way you look.” – Brenna
“Candy and costumes.” -Brooklyn
“Going Trick-or-Treating with my family.” – Rylan
“Looking at everyone’s cool costumes.” – Gage
“To be able to dress up.” – Alex

“Candy.” – Brayden
“Scaring little kids.” – J.R
“The scary things that you can buy.” – Logan
“The candy.” – Destiny
“My favorite thing about Halloween is the candy.” – Abby
“Everything.” – Kylie
“My favorite thing about Halloween is getting to see everyone’s costumes.” – Makayla
“Everything.” – Bria
“Trick-or-Treating and dressing up.” – Braleigh
“Scaring kids.” – Jeffery
“Candy.” – Caine
“Trick-or-Treating.” – Trasai
“Candy.” – Jayden

“The movies.” – Nakaia
“Dressing up.” – Margaret
“The movies.” – Makayla
“Candy and spooky vibes.” – Shaun
“The candy.” – Leland
“My favorite thing about Halloween is getting to hand out candy to kids and dressing up and sitting with my family.” – Danika


Kylie Anastasiades
A chart depicting the survey results.


Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what are you going to be?

“Forky.” – Shelia
“Ghost face from Scream.” – Rylan
“Jesse from Toy Story.” – Brooklyn
“A cowgirl, because my rabbit has a cowboy hat and I want to take him trick-or-treating with me.” – Brenna
“A person from The Purge.” – Caleb
“Freddy-Fazbear.” – Keira
“RingMaster.” – Jay

“An axe murder.” – Jeffery
“A banana.” – Jayden
“Winnie the Pooh.” – Kylie
“Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.” – Bria
“Eeyore.” – Makayla
“Unicorn.” – Abby
“Creepy Doll.” – Destiny
“Scream/Ghost Face.” – J.R

“Clown.” – Nakaia
“Clown.” – Margaret
“A puppet from the Saw movies.” – Makayla
“Giraffe.” – Carter
“Scary doll with black hood.” – Shaun
“Homicidal maniac.” – Leland
“I am going to be a devil and my dog will be an angel with me.” – Danika



Favorite Halloween Candy


Favorite Candy Number of votes
Hershey  1
Frooties 2
Kit Kats 4
Candy Corn 2
Airheads 1
Tootsie Rolls 3
Reeses 2
Utz Pretzels 1
Snickers 2
Twix 7
Heath 1
Suckers 3
Milky-Way 3
Lemon Heads 1
Skittles 1
3 Musketeers 1
Pixie Sticks 1