CHS National Honor Society Hosts First Blood Drive

On Monday, September 23, Cannelton High School’s National Honor Society partnered with the American Red Cross and hosted their first annual blood drive. This blood drive not only benefited those in need, but also benefited the students of Cannelton High School. Our first blood drive was a success – and it won’t be the last one held this school year.

While the blood drive will help deliver blood to those in need of it, this blood drive also helps out the students at Cannelton High School. For every 25 units of blood donated, a $500 scholarship is awarded to one of our seniors. The same will apply to future blood drives that are held at Cannelton, and will help out the current senior class at the time. We reached our goal of collecting 25 units of blood, so one of our seniors will be awarded a $500 scholarship. We could have surpassed our goal, but the blood drive was unfortunately cut short due to the heat. Cannelton High School thanks everyone who was able to come out and donate to help those in need and our seniors.

If you wanted to make it to the first blood drive but couldn’t, Cannelton High School will be hosting a second blood drive in the spring. We will be looking to reach the goal of 25 units again to receive another scholarship to award to another senior. These blood drives are a great way to help people in need and to support the students at Cannelton High School all at once. If you are interested in donating at the next blood drive, be sure to keep an eye on the Cannelton High School Facebook page for the official date and time announcement for our Spring 2020 blood drive.


Rafe Garrett
Some of out student volunteers and American Red Cross volunteers at our first blood drive. September 23, 2019.
Jenessa Sturgeon
One of our students giving blood at our first blood drive. September 23, 2019.
Jenessa Sturgeon
High school teacher Dayna Hinton giving blood at our first CHS blood drive. September 23, 2019.