NEW XFL Uniforms Ranked

The best of the best new uniforms in the XFL.



Concept art for the new XFL Uniforms. / Photo via XFL



While every single one of these uniforms are very appealing and eye opening, this one is the worst of the bunch. Simple uniforms are usually hit and miss, and this is a hit. However, of the eight uniforms, this ranks last.


The Dragons uniforms are honestly not that bad, and would have maybe been higher up, but the helmets are just not doing it. The cartoon-y feel is just not the best option. Most of the teams did a really good job as far as helmets go, however, Seattle definitely could have done better.


TOO. MUCH. GREEN. There is absolutely no contrast between green and any other color of the rainbow. While Oregon makes all green everything look good, the Vipers do not. The only reason this uniform isn’t dead last is because their white uniforms are incredibly good looking. If this were based off of that, they would probably be top 3. However, this uniform is just not doing it.


These are another uniform that is just so plain. With such an epic name like the “BATTLEHAWKS,” a lot more was expected. However, the helmets may be the best helmets in the XFL. That is why they are coming in at number 5 even though the uniforms aren’t as appealing as expected.


Oh my goodness, those helmets. THE BEST helmets in all of the XFL by far. These uniforms are so clean, with a New England Patriots meets Houston Texans type of vibe. These uniforms are so appealing, and Houston did a fantastic job with them. Silver helmets have always been my favorite type of helmet, and Houston couldn’t have done better.


This uniform really depends on what you like. If you are a fan of all black, simple uniforms, then this is for you. That is why this is a top 3 uniform. Not only is this uniform clean, their all gray uniforms are also very, very nice. The helmets are another big factor for us, because they fit really well. If they would have made the logo red, it wouldn’t have worked. However, the silver finish is absolutely perfect. These uniforms are sick.


WOW. These really remind me a lot of the Guardians, with the main differences being the addition of the Carolina Blue, and the slight hint of red on the sleeve. If they would have had black helmets, the uniform probably wouldn’t have looked as nice, because those blue helmets are so nice. Plus, adding a subtle black logo to the helmet, as well as the black stripe down the middle, is so nice. Adding the red to it is also another great feature that adds contrast to the uniform, which is something that teams like the Vipers lacked.


LOOK AT THESE! Oh my goodness, these have to be the best. Yellow, orange, and black uniforms have always been very visually appealing. Also, the Wildcats have one of the best logos in the XFL, and adding it to a black background is so smart. A lot of people have been hating on these, because these are more like an Arizona type of uniform, and not what you would expect from an LA team. However, we are big fans of these uniforms here at the HiLife, and these are our number 1 uniform. Even if it didn’t incorporate any orange at all, it would probably still rank pretty high. The stripe down the middle of the helmet is also a great addition to the helmet, and the uniform as a whole.

We would like to clarify once again that every single one of these uniforms are so nice. This was all just who was the worst of the best, and the best of the best. This was a great time, and something that we really enjoyed doing. If there are any more uniforms that you would like to us to rank, please let us know, because this was a lot of fun.